what is Symphonic Revolution?

Unique & Experiential

This is not your usual stuffy symphony experience.  Imagine hearing the sounds of a full orchestra while having the freedom to move, mingle, applaud when you feel moved, dance, and see the players up close.  As our world rapidly changes and evolves, music remains a consistent source of pleasure, connection, healing and inspiration.  We bring the the Symphony and its majestic sound in a setting for all to enjoy.

Music is for everyone

This concert is designed for anyone to enjoy.  You don't need a degree in music or an understanding in concert etiquette, because there isn't one here!  You and your friends are invited to experience the music in any way you like.  There will be an open space for free dancing, as well as some seating and places to lounge.  Children may be inspired in ways they otherwise couldn't by getting an inside look at a live professional orchestra.  

We will also be including music composed by living composers, particularly focusing on women, composers of color, and composers from the LGBTQ community.

Our Future Goals

After our successful launch concert, Symphonic Revolution hopes to have sustained support to continue sharing the gift of music to new audiences.

The possibilities are endless, and Symphonic Revolution hopes to broaden the scope of repertoire by including music composed by minorities and up-and-coming living composers.  Inclusivity, both in the audience and on the stage, is a core value for Symphonic Revolution.  

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A special thanks to: Benjamin Freiburger for editing, EXO Orchestra and James Blachley for inspiration, Allison Stock for photos, the B-Complex for the beautiful venue, and Will Buthod helping making this come together!

Our venue: The B COMPLEX


This special venue, located in southwest Atlanta, is the perfect space for a new classical music experience.  With ample space, this venue will allow for an interactive encounter with the orchestra.


Guests will be able to move freely, dance and interact with other guests.  This space will be everyone's space to enjoy through music.  

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